Group discussion management: Deploy one discussion to multiple groups and have one gradebook column

Idea created by mnestmann on Mar 29, 2017
    Under review

    Many of our classes are very large, making it difficult for students to discuss a topic with the whole class. As a result, we often break our classes into groups. All of the groups discuss the same issue, but currently, we have to copy each discussion into each group. This also creates a separate column in the gradebook for each group. It would save our instructional designers and faculty a lot of time if we could create a discussion and with one click, deploy that discussion to multiple groups. Along with making it faster to start a class discussion, could the discussion just have one column in the gradebook that ties to each students' work rather than a separate column for each group? In some of our classes, faculty have to scroll through 10 or more columns for a single discussion!

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