OMG, Admins using Collaborate Ultra need access to Moderator/Presenter/Participant links!

Idea created by cs30776 on Mar 29, 2017
    Under review

    Think about admins who support SAS created sessions for a hot second here.....


    A) I create a session and add folks to said session. The system then sends an automated email that includes a personal session link to those invited, right?  OK great. However, most of the time when it's panic time and people are calling for support I need to get their link via IM or email.  Same goes for testing.  It's a buzz kill.


    B) Also if you're listed as either a presenter or a moderator in a session, the automated email needs to include the GUEST link, otherwise as the admin I need to send a separate email? Ugh, no.

    Product Version (if applicable):1