Global Reset, archive, remove

Idea created by dmirque on Mar 29, 2017
    Under review

    There currently is not a way (in our Moodlerooms installation) to (globally) reset and remove a large number of courses (an academic term's worth, for example).  It has to be done either manually, one by one, or, if you bring Conduit into play, through a multi-step, very dicey, mousetrap process.


    I'd like to see the reset tool, currently available to administrators in a single course only, be developed to accommodate a large number of courses.  To put some context: our course retention policies were developed based on our previous LMS.  We kept a full version of a course on the system for 3 monthd beyond the end of that term, after which the course was stripped of all personally identifiable information (quizzes/discussion postings/assignment submissions, etc); all roles except the Instructor were removed.... at which point it was kept, in its content-only state, on the system for two academic years. After 2 years, it was then removed from the system and archived offline along with the last full backup of that course.  I was able to do all this in my administrator role.


    Drew Mirque

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