Timer for polling

Idea created by dh30239 on Mar 28, 2017

    One of our faculty is asking for the ability to set a timer with the polling feature in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra. I>clicker polling is very popular on our campus for large in-person classes, and this faculty member uses polling heavily in their F2F teaching. There is a timer feature built in to the I>clicker software and this faculty member would like to see the same features available for their online teaching.


    I agree that there needs to be enhancements to the polling feature in Collaborate Ultra. An integrated timer for polling would be great, but I think a timer can have other great uses such as how it was used in Collaborate Classic: specifically, it is very useful for timing group activities in break-out rooms as a means to communicate to students when group work is concluded, and that when the timer expires a participant can expect to be "yanked" back into the main room.



    Dan Hahn

    University of Illinois

    Product Version (if applicable):1