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Idea created by mlucas on Mar 27, 2017
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    My child is a sophomore in high school.   Last year, several of his teachers placed the test dates, homework assignments, due dates for papers and other assignments etc... on the Blackboard calendar.   This year none of his teachers are doing so.   As a parent, we are trying to encourage him to be independent with his organizational skills and time management in preparation for his junior and senior years in high school, college and life in general. 


    As Blackboard is currently configured, unless I am wrong, he may type in assignments on the calendar but they are not color-coded to his classes, there are no extra features on the calendar such as recurring quizzes or assignments (eg. weekly or every M,W,F or every other week, etc...), and there are no extra features for daily time management (such as read 15 minutes of history per night or read 20 pages of the book for Language Arts daily or study Tuesday and Wednesday for that big test on Thursday or complete the outline for the essay, complete the first draft for the essay, complete the MLA citations/notations for the essay)


    As he progresses to college, unless I am wrong, there are no features for class schedules (eg. M,W,F or T, Th) to help him recall where he should be and when each day of the week.  This feature should include the name of the building and the classroom number as well as the name of the teacher/teaching assistant.


    There are several apps available outside of Blackboard to help students stay organized and manage their time but it would be more convenient to have these features available within Blackboard.


    Being able to visualize what is coming is paramount so the calendar should be able to be viewed as a standard calendar is viewed.


    Beyond the classroom, the calendar should include time slots for meetings, activities, clubs, teams, sports, workouts, time in the library, etc.....


    Thank you.

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