Provide a way for instructors to embed HTML/CSS/JavaScript without Pre-Parsing/Cleaning Syntax

Idea created by mickj on Mar 24, 2017
    Under review

    Both the Wiki, Discussion Board, Content Sections, really anywhere a WYSIWYG editor exists suffer by restricting elevated users from embedding code directly into the content.

    • By clicking on the 'HTML' button you are able to directly place code into the desired area
    • However, many extremely useful tags are pre-parsed and removed - while this may make sense from some perspectives it limits what can be done with the tool from an instructional perspective, particularly when teaching web-technologies in the digital classroom.


    Some way to allow elevated users to have more direct control over the web-client code in the above areas of Blackboard would enable web-savy professors (like myself) to build customized engaging web-experiences for the classroom.


    This could lead to other requests like - embedded databases into Blackboard which allow professors and students to interact and program directly on.

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