"Random Groups" Numbering issue

Idea created by ll0055066 on Mar 22, 2017
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    I have a faculty member who would like Blackboard groups numbering for Random Groups to be changed.  Blackboard uses the lexicographic ordering when creating groups (with random enroll option) and he would like that to be changed so that he doesn't have to edit each of the groups to add a "0" to the enumeration to get the groups to show in the correct numerical order.  I am not sure that this is possible or feasible but I thought I would ask for him.  Note from instructor below.


    I’m in the middle of creating some groups in Blackboard for a group project assignment and am quite comfortable in using the Groups feature. However, I have a bone to pick with Blackboard about their process. When I create a random-enroll group set with let’s say 3 students per group, it enumerates the randomized groupings for me. I’m completely fine with that. However…what irks the heck out of me is how they enumerate them. For instance, I have 36 students in a section. I end up with 13 randomized groupings with 3 students in each group. No problem. But…when it numbers them, I have groups such as “Case 09 Group # 1” and then I have groups such as “Case 09 Group # 10”. Doesn’t sounds like a big deal until you look at the list of groups and see that the groups are listed as follows:

    Case 09 Group # 1
    Case 09 Group # 10
    Case 09 Group # 11
    Case 09 Group # 12
    Case 09 Group # 13
    Case 09 Group # 2

    I HATE that! I want them to look like:

    Case 09 Group # 01
    Case 09 Group # 02
    Case 09 Group # 10
    Case 09 Group # 11
    Case 09 Group # 12
    Case 09 Group # 13

    Would you PLEASE add this to our “dream list” for Blackboard?? I know it sounds simple and I should just take a chill pill, but for someone who likes a bit more organization in his data, this is an annoyance.




    Thanks!  --Linda Leake--

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