Accessing Ultra before set early entry time

Idea created by ha35517 on Mar 22, 2017
    Under review

    It has been brought to my attention that if a participant tries to access an Ultra session even one minute before the set early entry time (e.g. session time is set for 7pm start time but we have set the early entry for 30mins before - i.e. 6.30pm) and then if the participant clicked at what he thought was right on 6.30pm (but obviously a few seconds earlier) he received the message that the session hasn't started and to return at 7pm (not 6.30pm as we would like) and then assumed he had the incorrect start time so didn't bother trying again until 7pm.


    We set the early entry so that participants have arrived and are set and ready for the start of the session. We instruct participants to arrive early and that the session is open 30mins prior.

    In Classic the participant will receive this message if he tries to access before the set early entry:


    The session you are trying to join is not scheduled to start until Mar 22, 2017, [Wed] 09:45 AM Eastern (Australia/Queensland).

    The earliest you may attend this session is Mar 22, 2017, [Wed] 09:15 AM Eastern (Australia/Queensland).


    Is it possible to get Ultra sessions to give a similar message please.




    Product Version (if applicable):1