URGENT: Ultra - Include Guest Link in e-mail to Moderators/Presenters

Idea created by if20985 on Mar 20, 2017
    Under review



    Please include the Guest Link in the auto email sent to Moderators and Presenters so they can share with their Participants.  Currently, v12.6 includes the Guest Link in the email sent to Invitees with Chair Role (moderators) and we need this functionality for Ultra also.  Our Fairfax school district has 500 shared accounts between 200+ schools/central offices to schedule online sessions.  The Moderators/Presenters need to have the Guest Link included in their email so they do not have to find out who the account holder is and ask him for the Guest Link each time that shared account is used to schedule a session.


    If you need further clarification, please call me at 703-503-6058.


    Thank you.


    Sarah Pham

    Functional Applications Specialist

    Fairfax County Public Schools, VA



    Product Version (if applicable):1