A Notification or Email sent to Instructors when a new student is enrolled or un-enrolled in a course the Instructor teaches.

Idea created by da35336 on Mar 17, 2017
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    The business has come to us asking if their is a way that an email can be sent to an instructor whenever the course enrollment changes.


    When I was asked this, I automatically thought that is an obvious step to the enrollment process.


    1. At beginning of term instructor gets an email for each course they are teaching with a Course Roster.


    2. As the term goes on they would get an email telling them whenever that Course Roster changes.

         EXAMPLE: Students are enrolled or un-enrolled from the course.


    I have looked all over Blackboard Help, online, and even for an opensource B2 in OSCELOT that would be able to perform this function to no avail.


    If some sort of notification, that was configurable to achieve this, it would help with making sure instructors are not missing those new students, and/or knowing exactly when a student is dropped from the course.

    This notification would need to have the specifics about the course in question as a lot of instructors teach multiple course and/or multiple sections of a given course.

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