Tie Grade Center columns to content in course copy, rather than in bulk

Idea created by kl0040197 on Mar 16, 2017
    Under review

    My organization often copies parts of courses into each other. When you copy even a single graded assessment, you have to check the box for Grade Center columns and settings: this copies in every grade column in the source course, no matter what content was selected. So now you have to delete all of the columns that aren't tied to any assessments, one by one, from the Grade Center. Each deletion requires a couple of clicks and page reload time. There is also a persistent error that requires page reload. It gets pretty time consuming.


    It would be nice to have either:

    In course copy, separate the columns from the settings, and only copy over columns that are associated with selected content for the copy.

    OR, allow a bulk deletion of grade columns, maybe via column organization, so that you can select all of the extra columns and delete them at once.


    I can't imagine there aren't other organizations that do partial copies and run into this problem.

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