Signature from your tablet or smartphone

Idea created by ia31101 on Mar 15, 2017
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    Ever had to do compliance training in Blackboard?

    Ever had to tick a box, complete a form and sign?

    What about facilitating a role-play assessment in a classroom or observing a student perform a work-based task that requires a marking criteria form to be completed and 'signed-off' on.


    Wouldn't it be nice for an instructor, a facilitator, a head of department to complete these forms using their smartphone or tablet device, and have the workflow be transparent to other stakeholders (eg reporting)

    Eg, A student wants to go on a field trip and has to complete a consent form. They fill it out and sign and this completion form appears on the teachers dashboard.

    Eg. The learning and devlopment manager has an induction that needs to be completed. The new team member completes it and has to sign a form at the end of the training. They fill it out and sign and this completion appears on the learning and development managers dashboard.

    Eg. A teacher observes a hospitality student in a commercial kitchen preparing food to strict food preparation standards. They are able to bring up their form on their tablet, tick their marking criteria sheet, and then sign off on the students competence. (They may even want to take a short video of the demonstration and add it as extra evidence)


    I'm introducing the idea of having a responsive form completion tool that permits signatures right from a smartphone or tablet device.


    Blackboard may want to partner with Docusign or integrate some of this technology into their assessment tools, course tools etc, whereever a signature may be required.


    There are other companies already doing this within their Learning Management Systems, such as World Manager

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