Announcements: Name and link?

Idea created by clarkshahnelson on Mar 13, 2017
    Under review

    Our faculty post a lot of announcements which are also emailed out. The email that is sent out, however, only has any indication of where/who it came from in the Subject line (which lists the course title and the announcement subject).


    Now, our faculty often don't sign their names at the end, which probably makes sense in an announcement (because you can see who posted it on the right). And one could argue that students can figure out that any announcement is generally from their instructor... But the email itself comes from "Blackboard-sender", and otherwise has no indication of who wrote the post. So if there are more than one instructor, you can't tell who sent it.


    So what I propose, is that emailed announcements would, in the  "from" field, display the name of the poster of the announcement (such as it is with emails sent from the email tool). This would be more clear in the inbox for students.


    Also, wouldn't it be nifty if students, upon receiving an announcement notification, could just click a link into the course? I propose including by default in emailed announcements, a link to the course in Blackboard at the bottom of the email, something like: "Click here to to visit your course"


    Here's an example of an entire announcement email notification:




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