Restrict acces to a brand by role

Idea created by ps0046486 on Mar 10, 2017



    We have in our Blackboard Learn instance two brands that have different customization. Also we have two institutional nodes with separated students, courses, ...


    Our students of one brand can access to the platform using the another brand. When they access by the wrong brand they can not see any tab due to the institutional role of the user but the problem is that they can enter. We want to prevent this access if the user don't belong to its brand.


    BehindTheBlackboar have told us that is not possible to restrict the acces to one brand by institutional role.


    We think it is a great (and necessary) functionallity to add to the new release.


    Maybe it can be a checkbox in the brand that says:


    Restrict access to this brand only to users that have the institutional role.



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