Course Size reporting needs to be accurate

Idea created by ingram.annette on Mar 9, 2017
    Under review

    We have implemented quotas for courses.  However, we are seeing a problem with duplicated files in the Course Files erroneously inflating the actual course size.  According to the Xythos de-duplication process, that file is only "counted" one time. Based on my understanding of the process, that should mean that the course should only report size on 1 file and not on each duplication of the file within the course.  As an example, I have Course A with a Course Files size of 805MB (course quota is 850MB).  After reviewing the Course Files, each file in the Course Files is duplicated at least once which should mean that the ACTUAL Course Files size is 402.5MB in size and not 805MB. 


    Course Files needs to report the ACTUAL size of 402.5MB.  If left "as is" now, the instructor could reach quota by adding more files.

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