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Idea created by on Mar 7, 2017
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    Hi there,


    I just wanted to flag a possible improvement to BB for a future system upgrade...


    Often online students have to engage in group activities and are provided with a file exchange page where they can upload and share documents.  Whilst the file exchange page is great for uploading static documents, it is not a collaborative share site where all participants can contribute to the same document and save the activity.  Instead, we have to delete the original file (to avoid confusion and duplication), update on our home PCs, then re-upload the document so we can all add to the same single doc.  As you can imagine this may sometimes come with its own set of issues.


    So it would be great (if possible) for this forum to be made into a share site where multiple people could contribute to a single document rather than it just being a static upload page.


    Food for thought



    Dawn Beesley

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