Pyramid - Course Activity Drill: Add Access Date

Idea created by Ian Holder on Mar 2, 2017
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    • Ian Holder

    Sorry; it seems as if I am bombarding this community.  I'm very interested if any one else considers these ideas we've raised useful, or useless -- I won't be offended!  It would be good to feedback from the broader analytics community on what they find useful.  It is only because analytics is key to so much work we are doing that we want as much as we can get!


    One of the most helpful aspects of Pyramid for us is the ability to drill-in to data, export it to Excel, and use Excel's data analysis tools [e.g. Pivot Tables, PowerPivot..] to analyse and interrogate the data. A common question we get asked is give me, for these, say, 20, subjects [courses in US speak], for each student, their last access date and their total number of accesses to begin identifying students who are not interacting with the site.  Dumping out the data and giving them a pivot table whose data they can select by subject is far easier than interrogating each 20 subject sites' Performance Dashboards for last access date for each student.  Yes, individual academics could do it and collate it but we want to provide data on priority subjects to people tasked with looking at several, or 20, or 40, subjects.


    The Course Activity perspective would be perfect for this -- except on drill-in it does not have the date of the course access.  It would be great if this was added to the drill-in.


    Any questions let me know,


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