Bb Exams - enhancement

Idea created by cmrodriguez on Mar 2, 2017
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    Not sure if this is the correct place to post...but here it goes...

    We recently started using Bb as a way for our students to take in-class examinations. Overall, the system is working well but we are wondering if we can improve the system by adding a few enhancements. Let me provide a bit more information:
    The instructors set up an exam answer form on Blackboard using the "Fill-in-the-blank" option for each question; we have a total of 7 questions. During the exam, students use Chromebooks to login to Bb, open the exam link and use the Bb answer form to submit their responses.

    After the exam, the instructors then download the data/results.  Specifically we click on “Download Results”.  The downloaded file is saved as an Excel file which then has to be significantly edited before we are able to grade the submitted responses.  
    Specifically, the instructors take the downloaded file and:
    1) Concatenate last names and first names of students; so that we have last names and first names in a single column. 
    2) Add "zeros" to columns 1-9 so that columns read as follows: "Answer 01", "Answer 02" etc (rather than "Answer 1" "Answer 2"
    3) Sort the columns so that columns labeled Answers 01-Answers77 are together
    4) Delete all of the extraneous columns (and there are many)

    5) Save file as CVS

    6) The final file is then graded with “special” program

    I am wondering if there is a way to set up the system so that we have a "Results" file in the format that we need. This would allow us to download and immediately grade rather than spend time "editing" the file to meet the specifications needed for our other program to grade the exam.  We would like to simplify the process. Here are some recommendations: 1) Instead of listing the “answer” column as 1,2,3,…10 etc. , can these columns be listed as 01,02,03…10?? 2) Have student last name and first name already in ONE column? 3) allow instructors to “ select” the specific columns that we want in the final document?

    I contacted our Bb support team but they said they were unable to change the formatting of the results file. They suggested that I place an “enhancement request”.  Any help is most appreciated. Thank you!

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