The ability for a student to change the way their name is displayed to other students.

Idea created by jh0040068 on Mar 1, 2017
    Under review

    Currently, some institutions such as ours, have the student's name pulled into the system via related automatic processes. We do not allow the student to change their name, to keep data integrity and so that the academic will clearly know whom they are speaking with and which students assessment they are marking.


    Students have expressed the desire to be able to change they way their name is displayed to other students, for example, not showing their last name, or only showing the first initial of their last name. This desire is privacy reasons particularly for communication tools such as the Discussion Board (should not be forced to disclose this information to other students).


    My feature request is to allow students to have the option from their user profile to change the way their name is displayed to other students/participants. It would be the intention that Staff would still be able to see the students full name.

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