Export or copy a rubric with alignments

Idea created by srichter on Feb 27, 2017
    For future consideration

    Proposed: When copying or exporting a rubric that has alignments (to the rubric overall or to individual rows), include the alignments with the rubric.


    Problem: Currently, using course copy or export to move a rubric from one course to another removes the alignments from the rubric. If Content Alignments is selected when copying rubrics only, you get an error that there are no alignments found. This is problematic because we need a way to establish rubrics centrally, align them, and then distribute them to courses. Rubric alignments are preserved when the rubric is associated with an assignment (or other assessment), and then the assessment, rubrics, content alignments, and Grade Center columns and settings are ALL copied. This is too much for what should be a simple process of exporting and importing, or using course copy to only copy rubrics.

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