Collaborate Ultra telephony should be associated with the room not the session

Idea created by ccasey on Mar 3, 2017
    Under review

    Many of our users need the ability to join Collaborate Ultra sessions by phone, without the requirement of opening a web session to generate a PIN which expires the moment the session is closed.  One example we are dealing with at this time are students who work, and need to immediately join a session by phone as they leave work and are driving home.  They can't log into an Ultra web session to generate the access PIN because they are not in front of a computer.  The current telephony function in Ultra, while helpful, seems to miss the mark for our University's particular need for telephony in these sessions, which is for use is an independent alternative to the web session.  Collaborate Classic provided this avenue by establishing a call in number as part of the room creation, so it could be provided to users ahead of time.  I looked at the latest Collaborate Ultra road map from a recent webinar, and did not see this feature at any stage of development, but it should be.  This is a lost feature when moving from Collaborate original to Collaborate Ultra.  This is important.  Thank you.

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