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Idea created by paulalee on Mar 3, 2017

    I have instructors that would like to see the calendar feature adjusted some. They set gradeable events to have due dates and link availability dates. However, the event does not show on the calendar until it is released. The only option, that I am aware of, is for the instructor to manually create an entry on the calendar to let the students know that something will be due on this day/time. And then the gradeable entry will pop in there once the release dates kick in.


    What the instructors would prefer is something like this:

    In Jill's perfect world, all assignments would appear in the calendar.  As students click on the various assignments, they would receive the information they need. For instance, a message might inform them that the assignment will open at a future date. At least they know SOMETHING is due on that date at that time. If the instructor is not ready to release the assignment, though, he/she doesn't have to.


    Blackboard Quirks that make Things Difficult for my Students and Me (and Probably Others as Well)

    • Calendar-Why isn’t checking the due date box enough to keep an item on the calendar? Instead, the items only appear when I mark them to open and disappear when I mark them to close.  Students would like to see ALL of the events and due dates at one time.  Then, if they click on an item that is not yet open or has already closed, they will receive a message.  Note: The reason I do not open everything the way I used to is because students drop assignments into the wrong boxes.  The open/close feature saves them and me from lots and lots of work and confusion.





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