New question types for tests

Idea created by pcatasti on Mar 1, 2017
    Under review

    The current 16 types of questions available on Blackboard Learn tests fail to address the increasing instructors' assessment needs in the classroom.


    I suggest that in the next edition of Blackboard Learn, the following question types be introduced:


    "Multiple Jumbled Sentence" - This question type would be useful to quickly and efficiently combinations of possible answers.

    Example: "We [reject / fail to reject] the null hypothesis. We [have / do not have] enough evidence to conclude that the mean has [changed / increased / decreased]."


    "Multiple Calculated Numeric" - This question type would be useful to ask the student to enter the coefficients to an equation.

    Example: Y = [3.45] + [7.23] X1 + [-0.45] X2


    "Mixed Calculated Numeric/Jumbled Sentence" - This question type would be useful in composite questions where the student is asked to enter both a numerical value, and a conclusion related to it.

    Example: "The interpretation of the slope is that for each unit [increase / decrease] of the [explanatory / response] variable, the [response / explanatory] variable changes by [3.45] [feet / yards / inches]."


    Thank you,


    Paolo Catasti

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