Blackboard Open Content (xpLor) access changes

Idea created by Brett.Becker on Feb 24, 2017
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    I propose the following, on behalf of one of SUNY's campuses:




    It is bad enough that there is no "everyone" type access in in Blackboard Learn like there is in ANGEL.



    If you use xpLor and you give someone in your institution a link to xpLor content, they first have to log into their LMS and then Open xpLor from within the LMS. This is two steps where the way it is set up in ANGEL, there are no steps to access the info, you just click the link and it works.


    This is why xpLor is next to useless as a school repository for information. To many hoops to jump through just to access the information.


    When I first saw xplor I saw it as a possible way to put my content in one place that could be used in Both ANGEL and Blackboard at the same time to help in our upcoming migration from ANGEL to Blackboard Learn. But these rights issues get in the way. I can't give people links that require them to be logged into the system, and then to also open xpLor. I could, but faculty and students would not stand for it.


    So unless this issue is addressed, at least here at SUNY Adirondack, xpLor is basically useless for our migration. I have been asking for this for over 3 years, and Blackboard has not given any indication that they see this as a problem.




    Basically, links to xpLor content should not require an explicit login to Learn in order to view.  They should act like, for example, Dropbox links.  Anyone who has the link can access its target.


    Attached is a video that the campus provided illustrating the issue.



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