Group projects should be visible to ALL students even if not in a group.

Idea created by on Feb 17, 2017
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    Group assignments/projects should be globally visible to individual students to let a student preview them before registering as a member of a group. Currently, the homework assignment is invisible to my students UNLESS they join a group.  But I like to keep my content with the submission.  Each student can then self-assign to a group with a partner.


    Even after joining a group, the students do not see the homework in the Content folder.  They have to go through their Group.  (Stupid design.)


    The submission and the content should be able to be kept together!  PLEASE FIX THIS... 

    As seen byimage
    What I see as the professor
    What individual students see before joining a group

    What individual students see after joining a group,

    but before clicking on the Group "submit" button

    Click on the GROUP submit button
    After submit button

    Clicking on the "Page 1 of 4" sometimes

    lets the Homework page show up.

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