Add additional token options in PLD subject and body areas

Idea created by jason.hardin on Feb 17, 2017

    As it stands right now, you can insert certain, specific tokens into an email generated from the triggering of a PLD rule.  However, as there is no HTML editor, or any editor at all, it's not possible to add images into the PLD.  Also, there isn't a way to link to a different website or email address at this time.  Imagine if I wanted to tell my students whom haven't passed a quiz, or are failing my class, that they need to schedule a 1:1 session with me to discuss further remediation.  Right now, the best I could do is set up an activity (that everyone would have to be able to see in order for the student role to see it) and send the link to the signup activity in the PLD.  However, since everyone in the course could see it, it could get very confusing for those who don't need to sign up at all.  One answer is to create a release code; but that's an additional rule in PLD and makes more work for the instructor.  A simpler solution would be to allow the instructors to link to a separate signup sheet, website, or provide an email address in the PLD meant only for those whom need it.   If I wanted to provide my students with a quick refresher image on a quiz, for example, after they have failed it.  Rather than have the students navigate back to the information in the course, and then back to the quiz, I could send the image of the content in the PLD email, allowing them to revisit the material and attempt the quiz again at the same time.

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