Conduit setting to abort course creation when template not found

Idea created by jason.hardin on Feb 17, 2017
    Under review

    Currently when a course is created via conduit through file upload, should the course unit specified to copy or restore from not be found on the Moodle server, then an empty course unit based on a default template or default settings is created instead. We would like to have a conduit setting that aborts the course unit creation for that given course unit (not the whole batch) should the specified template course unit not be found.  Rationale - Scenario:  When courses are broken into subjects, however in some of our courses, we want the Moodle presentation of the course subjects to be within a single Moodle course entity (Course Level), and in others we are happy to present each subject as it's own Moodle subject entity (Subject level). AFTRS builds template master Moodle entities as either 'course in one' or subject units in a hidden category then instances them for each academic period as required  We generate a report from our Student Management System SMS(Skysoft PEPi) via SQLServer 2008r2 reporting services, which is in XML format that contains the units to be created for each academic period as well as the template to use. As the SMS doesn't or cannot hold information regarding the class of Moodle entity to create The report contains definitions for all entities to be created as both subject level and course level. AFTRS was relying upon the idea that Conduit would fail and log an error for any course creation instruction for which the specified source unit entity could not be found.  Functionality enhancement required.  AFTRS would like to have the conduit functionality extended to include a setting that disables default course creation should the specified template restorable entity not be found. This could be either in the 'Restore' dropdown option list or an individual switch to determine default behaviour. '

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