Add the ability to edit a course footer using the SNAP Design - use cases provided

Idea created by jason.hardin on Feb 17, 2017
    Under review

    The only way to 'edit' the Course Footer is by removing it entirely in all SNAP courses in a Site by unchecking the checkbox in Site Admin > Appearance > Themes > SNAP settings . By default there are three features existing in the footer: ' Course Contacts ' ; ' Course Summary ' ; and ' Recent Activity ' I would like to be able to: a) edit the course footer on a course-by-course basis ( see reasons and use cases below ) and b) allow me to be able to have a different footer for each course.  REASONS AND USE CASES WHY I WOULD LIKE THE COURSE FOOTER FUNCTIONALITY CHANGED: 1.  If I wanted to only have, for example, the Course Summary in the footer (but didn't want to share the Recent Activity to users in the Course), I can't do that, and I have to hide the entire footer in all of my SNAP courses on my site (as mentioned above).  RELATED USE CASE: I might have one course where I don't allow students to be able to view 'Recent Activity' because I they're younger in one course compared to another, and they might not understand what that recent activity is. Then, I might have a course where I want to allow students to view 'Recent Activity' since they're a bit older and have an understanding of what recent activity would be. Per this  article ( ), I feel I understand what 'Recent Activity' is and why I would want it in one course, but not in another.  2. I want easy access to Course Resources on a page in the course that doesn't change when a student goes from one topic to the next.  RELATED USE CASE: In the course Footer, I want to provide links to resources so the students know what type of activities are in the course, and how they can complete each activity. Currently, I have these 'resources' in the 1st topic. Let's say a student looks at that topic and reads the resources, goes to 'Topic 2' and forgets what they read in the 'Resources' topic. At this point, they have to go back and click on the 'Resources' topic (navigating from Topic 2), and will eventually navigate back to Topic 2 after understanding the Resources again. That seems like a lot of unnecessary clicks if a student forgets something. Yes, I do understand that I can put helpful resource links in the 'Course Summary' which appears in the Course Footer right now, but I use the Course Summary for the summary itself, and if I add links to that area, I think it would be confusing for students. I'd like to have the Course Summary, but not show it in the Course Footer.  3. I'm able to edit the Site Footer, but that's seen by all users regardless of them having an account. Also, I'm not sure why I can't edit the course footer if I can edit the Site Footer?  RELATED USE CASE: I'd add information to the Site Footer for enrolled students to look at, but if I did that, I couldn't adjust the footer for each course, AND users who do not have accounts in my site would be able to see all of the Site Footer. Even if I have the 'Force Users to Log in' feature turned on, non-enrolled users still see the Site Footer.  4.  If I wanted to remove the Course Footer from just one course, I can't do that. I have to remove the course footer from all SNAP courses in the SNAP Theme Settings area.   RELATED USE CASE: I don't want a footer or more scrolling in one course, but I want it in others. I can't do this. It appears it's either I use it in all Courses or no courses. 

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