Conduit: Checkbox options for Group and Group memberships

Idea created by jason.hardin on Feb 17, 2017
    Under review

    Replicate the 'Update Moodle every sync' and 'Update Conduit' checkboxes for Groups and Groups members in Conduit mapping settings. It would help to delete/modify those groups in Moodle without Conduit having them recreated upon next Conduit cron run.  Having a default group created is certainly desirable and I do not believe stopping Colleague from doing so is an attractive solution.  Of course when creating several hundred courses it would be advantageous to have a default group created with only students in them so intructors don't have to create them manually... they have enough to do already.  But because Conduit does not allow modifications to that group, it supercedes all course groups set up by the instructor.  Basically removing any and all group aspect to online learning.

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