Set default Group tools

Idea created by at38029 on Feb 10, 2017
    Under review

    It would be helpful for SysAdmins to be able to pre-select which tools are enabled by default when an Instructor creates a Group or Group Set in a course.

    e.g. one institution might set Blogs, Discussion Boards and Email to be ticked by default; but Instructors could choose to tick any additional tools which are available (Wikis, File Exchange, any third party tools available for student use)

    Currently all available tools are initially ticked when creating a new Group - the result of this is that instructors either have to untick a number of boxes, or they leave everything ticked and students are given access to irrelevant tools.


    The defaults would be set at system level, like default course menu settings.


    If they could be set at Hierarchy node level, that would be even better.



    Suggestions for changes which would partially address this request, and which are probably easier and quicker to achieve:

    1. When an Instructor creates a Group, all buttons are unticked by default

    2. Provide a Select All / Unselect All option for the Instructor (like when doing a Course Copy)

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