make link for searching in Content Collection not public available

Idea created by henk.vanrijssen on Feb 9, 2017
    Under review

    It turns out that users that are not logged in in Blackboard (they therefor have the guest status) and paste this link (https://<your institution>/webapps/bbcms/execute/searchBasic?) into their browser are able to perform a search in Content collection for all public files. They can do an advanced search as well.


    Though these files have public permissions in order to show them f.i. on the front page of Blackboard (where people should login) it's i.m.o. a strange thing that you provide the whole world in the role as guest an interface where they can do a search within Content Collection. In the past some students using portfolio solved their portfolio permissions issues very often by making their files in the personal folder public. Ofcourse not a good action, but nevertheless is happended and apparantly solved their problem. But now these files can be found as well by everyone doing a search in Bb.

    Therefor I would suggest that this link should not be accessible for people that have not logged in into Bb.

    Product Version (if applicable):0