Enable Test/Assignments w/due dates and date restrictions to appear inside of Students My Grades and Calendar

Idea created by sh0043914 on Feb 7, 2017
    Under review

    With the newest version of Blackboard (v3100.6 or 3100.9), course tests and assignments with due date and date restrictions do not appear inside the Course's My Grades AND Calendar (also global navigation) until the item is available. Which means if students work ahead, they will never see the assignment/test listed inside the course content area, my grades and calendar. This would mean the instructor would have to put in an item place holder (which is more work) OR task OR separate calendar event about the upcoming assignment or test. Even if the instructor has this in the syllabus along with schedule, students don't always check this vs before it showed up in My Grades and/or Calendar.


    IT is very hard for students to plan when assignments/tests due when now showing up inside My Grades OR Calendar. So far, 2 professors had to extend the due date and reopen the test/assignment so students can take it the first time.

    It does show up for instructors grade center and calendar.


    FYI - this issue is very similar to the LRN-119420: If there are availability exceptions, calendar does not show tests despite a due date being set.

    This is marked as an improvement instead of a bug. But the My Grades is definitely a bug.

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