"Hot Keys" for Inline Grading

Idea created by ks27590 on Feb 7, 2017
    Under review

    This idea was posted some time again and was "archived".  Since it cannot be found, I am going to give Blackboard a pass and say this was accidently lost.  I am posting it again so hopefully this time it will remain.  (A girl can dream!)

    We would like to request a set of "hot keys" for inline grading.

    • spelling
    • grammar
    • punctuation
    • dangling participial phrase
    • etc.

    Understanding Inline Grading uses Crocodoc, is that something that can even be enhanced by Blackboard?

    What a time-saving a set of hot keys could be !

    I wonder what others think?  I have been told others have requested this through different resources.  i am hoping someone will offer their thoughts here.

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