Import external calendars into Bb Calendar

Idea created by yoleneors on Feb 7, 2017
    Under review

    I thought it had been posted before, but although there has been some discussions it wasn't formally posted as a feature request, so here I go.

    It would be great to be able to import into Bb Calendar an external calendar (iCal for example) who would then be all the time synchronized.


    At minimum it would be good to be able to do this at the platform level Calendar (to add the SIS calendar for example so I can keep track of face to face sessions), or Events calendar or something else).


    It would also be good to be able to add this at the course level. So the calendar shown in "Accounting 101" for example would show

    _ events created in Blackboard course Accounting 101  (manually or through activities with deadlines)

    _ but also synchronized events of an external calendar the user added in the Accounting 101 course (those events would be read only)


    Ideally this could be done by individual users (ex: I'm a student and want to add a personal study group calendar to my Bb Calendar) , as well as pushed by the professor (ex: I want my Law students to see in my course the event of the course but also the event of the parliamentary calendar for example).


    Here are some links to some previous discussions : Allow a calendar import into Blackboard  (by Ee Foon Kok )   ; Can I import calendar events into the calendar  (with (Mike Buchanon , William McKinney , Cyndi Castro , Sherman Lai ) Calendar within a module 

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