Pyramid - Include Thread Name in Forum Submissions Perspective

Idea created by Ian Holder on Feb 2, 2017
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    • Ian Holder
    • shmozz



    As a provider of online as well as internal education, discussion forum usage is  a key part of our university's strategy.  Analytics on forum usage are regularly requested to determine academic and student engagement with discussion forums.


    One area of analytics interest is how student enquiries are being addressed.  While we can export to Excel the posts made and combined with data from other perspectives get some interesting analyses [e.g. how many students in a site post], and while we can [very helpfully!] see if a post is an Original Post or a Reply, we get stuck with deeper analysis [e.g. how many student-initiated threads were never answered?] as in the drill-down only Forum Name is present [under Course Item.Course Item Name].  If Thread Name could be included as an additional column here this would enable us to do deeper thread-level analysis on discussion forum usage.




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