Pyramid - Bb Mobile App Stats for Forum Posts

Idea created by Ian Holder on Feb 2, 2017
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    • Ian Holder
    • sm0077250

    Hi all,


    The Course Activity and Course Item Activity perspectives in Pyramid allow us to track students using the Bb Mobile app.  Take-up of the mobile app is important to our academic staff and educational designers so that we can design courses that work well with it.


    One area staff are curious about is forum activity, particularly posts, using the Bb Mobile app.  Currently in Pyramid there is no way to extract data on this.  Could the ability to split forum posts by the "Mobile Indicator" hierarchy be considered for inclusion in the next upgrade?   And, could its value [True | False, or 1 | 0] potentially be included as a column in the drill-down you can export to Excel?  We use this feature often to do more advanced analysis and a column here would also help.



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