Rubric Grading - Change Default Score When Using Point Range

Idea created by jotten2 on Jan 31, 2017
    Under review

    I am using rubrics (the Grid form) for most of my assignments. While grading, if the particular item in the rubric has a point range, clicking on the drop-down to select the score causes the midrange score of the complete range to appear by default. This is tiring, since most of the time, the desired score to select is the top of the range. But since the middle of the range is what appears by default, I have to select a different score nearly 100% of the time. My understanding from the Blackboard support folks at my site is that this is something set in the Blackboard software, and that there is no way to change the setting. I propose that there should be a way to make the top score appear as the default when clicking on the point range dropdown, or if this is not possible, make the top score the default. I would imagine most who use this technique would agree that the top score is chosen more often than all other scores in a given range, which suggests that it should be the default - not the midrange score.

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