Allow Ability to Make Graders Anonymous to Students

Idea created by mg23470 on Jan 26, 2017
    Under review

    An instructional technologist submitted the following:


    Here's the issue: We have a number of courses that are high enrollment courses which make use of grading assistance.  Sometimes they are students.  In Blackboard, the identity of the grader remains anonymous to the student pretty much everywhere with the exception of the Crocodoc tool, which prominently reveals the identity of the grader with every comment or markup.  Put simply, we love the markup and commenting features, but wish there was a way to hide the identity of the grader.  Is there is a configuration option or setting somewhere that might help us out here.


    If not a setting to allow anonymous comments/markup in general, then at least maybe add a setting to the Delegated Grading feature to allow anonymous comments?

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