Hiding Recordings tab in SAS environment

Idea created by isadoresnook on Jan 26, 2017
    Under review

    Currently we use BBC original within a D2L LMS.

    Since we moved to the SAS environment with BBC(Previously ELM hosted),  my class attendance has been more sporadic.  I think PART of the reason for this is that students have become too accustomed to recorded classes and they tend to miss for more frivolous reasons.  I think the reliance has become chronic in fact. What REALLY CONCERNS me is that the students access to the recorded classes is unrestricted.  They can access recordings without going to a url linked through D2L's content  manager. This is a real problem because I no longer know if a student has accessed a particular recording or not.   They simply hit the recording tab in the SAS interface inside D2L and go to their recorded classes.  I still place the recordings in content but the info I get is no longer valid for students that do not use content to access the recorded class.  Hence my ability to hold students accountable has been neutered.  What I would like to see is the ability to hide or reveal this recordings tab in the SAS environment for the students.  For those teachers who do not care for tracking recording access you can reveal this tab and continue as you normally do.  For those of us that would like to link access to recordings through the D2L content manager I think we should have the option to hide this tab. 

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