When students transfer to a different section, allow the transfer of their submissions, etc., also

Idea created by curtis.bryant on Jan 24, 2017
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    Students sometimes change the section of a course in which they are enrolled after the term has begun. For example, they may change from a traditional section of History 101 to an online section of History 101. Or they may change to a section that meets at a more convenient time or location. Because the students are taking the same course, just in different sections, instructors have requested that I, as admin, transfer the students' submissions, grades, discussion posts, tests, and other data to the new section. Unfortunately, I've had to tell them that Learn doesn't offer a way to do that. If you know of a way, please let me know!


    I would prefer that a manual and/or automatic method were available. Here's how I imagine them working:

    Manual Method

    System administrators (and instructors, if the admins allow) could select the student, original section, and new section and click a button to copy the student data to the new section. If activity log data were copied, it should be noted in the new section that that activity really occurred in the previous section.

    Automatic Method

    Learn could periodically (perhaps once per day) check for such transfers. Our institution uses SIS feed integrations to disable previous enrollments by exclusion. Learn could check for disabled enrollments in sections that are both active and available on that date, note the course IDs, and note whether those users are enrolled in active and available sections with similar course IDs. It could give admins a list of these with the option to transfer the students' data to the new section. It might also be possible to configure to transfer student data automatically and give admins a list of these transfers. The automatic method would depend on having the manual method available also.

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