Allow for instructions to appear in Grade Center

Idea created by bc0069315 on Dec 21, 2016
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    We have an instructor that continues to accept physically-submitted papers (he does not use Blackboard Assignments).  However, he does keep his grades in Blackboard.  He is requesting that when he creates a grade column in Blackboard, that the Description field permit more than 2000 characters so the instructions for the assignment can be added.  The reasoning is that the students can review their score and in the same screen review the assignment's directions.


    Is there any way to expand the Description field on the Create Grade Column screen to allow more than 2000 characters?  (BTW - the text box counts words, not characters, which is confusing).  Additionally, can the Create Grade Column screen also allow the upload of files?


    I believe this could be of benefit for students whose instructors elect not to accept student work online to quickly review instructions.


    I hope this makes sense, please let me know if clarification is needed.


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    Brett Creech
    Purdue University

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