Admin option to trigger system-wide update to gradebook_grade_calc table

Idea created by casey.eubank on Dec 12, 2016
    Under review

    Please add an option in the Learn 9.1 system admin GUI dashboard for a system administrator to trigger a system-wide update, for active courses, to the Retention Center table gradebook_grade_calc.  Currently the only way to be able to pull the current grade (based on a total or weighted calculated column) from the gradebook_grade_calc table via a SQL query is for a user with rights to access the Retention Center to visit it in the course.  Then if the current grade updates, the Retention Center has to be revisited again to get the updated grade in the SQL query.


    You can reference Behind the Blackboard Case #02420894 and Case #02419140 for how this request came to be.



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