Edit Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Invitation

Idea created by beverly.riddell on Dec 9, 2016
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    Edit Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Invitation


    When we as administrators set up a Traditional Blackboard Collaborate Session, we are able to edit the Invitation, to give needed information to the Moderator.

    With Ultra, the moderator is sent an invitation we cannot see or edit. Therefore the moderator only has part of the information that is required in order to successfully moderate a session in that email. We need to send another email with the Guest participant link, the links to documentation and the instructions about Calendar setup.


    We need either

    1) the Ability to edit the BBC Ultra Invitation to add our custom information (ideal) or

    2) the Ability to see the moderator link and not email it to the moderator, so that we can paste it into our own email that has all the rest of the information.





    This is what our Traditional Invitation looks like



    You are invited to moderate the following Blackboard Collaborate session:

    Name: SessionName

    Type: SessionType

    Starts: StartDate StartTime

    Ends: EndDate EndTime





    To join the session as a Moderator, please click on the link below within BoundaryTime minutes of the session start time.

    Join the Blackboard Collaborate session


    Click here for Moderator Documentation:

    http://www.marybaldwin.edu/oit/moderating- blackboard-collaborate-session/


    To invite others to join the session as Participants, e-mail the following Guest Links:

    Click here to join the Session:

    Join the Blackboard Collaborate session as a Guest


    Click here for Guest Participation Documentation:



    To add this Blackboard Collaborate session to your Outlook calendar, please click the following link. To add this Blackboard Collaborate session to your Google calendar, download the .vcs file at this link and do the following :

    Go to Google Calendar

    Click the down arrow for "Other Calendars"

    Choose "Import calendar"

    Browse for downloaded VCS file

    Click "Import"



    If you record the session, after all the participants have exited the session, it will be processed and you will receive an email with the link to the recording.

    Product Version (if applicable):1