Assignment submission validation

Idea created by pam.harvey on Dec 7, 2016
    For future consideration

    NOTE: We are opening this idea for voting again, specifically for consideration in Ultra courses. In addition to validating file names, we are considering allowing the instructor to specify which file types are acceptable for an assignment and validating that an attachment exists before allowing the student to complete his/her submission.




    My suggestion is that the Blackboard interface learn to validate file names instead of accepting files that it will later not be able to fetch for users. An error message explaining that the file should be renamed without spaces or special characters would be the desired outcome.


    Recently a student named a blog attachment file " Lab 3 data, notes, & ." When the instructor tried to retrieve the file, he received a "resource not found" error. Since this was a gradable item, and the problem occurred on a weekend, the instructor's access to the file, and thus the grading of it, could have been delayed for up to 3 days. And regardless of the timing, file naming should not prevent access to a file in the system. The special characters issue has been an ongoing problem for users accustomed to being able to name files as they wish on their work station operating systems.





    Product Version (if applicable):1