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Idea created by marcelmester on Nov 28, 2016

    I use Blackboard Collaborate as a student and primarily to play recordings.


    Quite often a lecturer will say something important that is worth hearing again or noting. In order to take an accurate note, I will want to hear again precisely what (s)he said. I would find it immensely useful if there was a feature to be able to rewind 15 seconds and listen again.


    I know that I can use playback slider indicator, but its not easy rewinding 15 seconds of a 2 hour recording and the wait time to resume from the beginning to a point close to where I was previously (say 2 minutes away from desired position) and then having to wait for normal speed playback - simply takes to long! Repeat this numerous times in a 2 hour recording and the amount of wasted waiting time is really significant.


    Here are some suggested implementation ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

    Borrowing an idea from the video editing community, an editable timecode control, where I could for example over type the 13 seconds to 00 (or click the up and down arrows) to resume 13 seconds previously would be one implementation.

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    An even better implementation is to provide a jog wheel alongside the timecode

    Inline images 2

    By grabbing the jog wheel and moving the mouse a small distance left the video rewinds a small way, whereas a violent mouse move left rewinds the video a lot. Similarly with mouse movements to the right, which fast forwards.


    Implementing such a simple feature will make the user interface usable for students..


    Kind regards

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