Closed Book Test

Idea created by ls35058 on Nov 27, 2016

    There has been a request at our institution to create an option for instructors when building a test which would essentially create a "closed book" test and restrict access to other parts of the course site or other parts of Blackboard once a test has been initiated by the student.



    If there could be some options available to instructors that would limit the test availability to only one browser window once activated (thus rendering multiple browsers to not be able to be opened) and navigation would be disabled within the course site other than to the menu item which links to the content area the test is deployed into as well as the actual test object itself.  Alternatively, if an absolute link to the test object was an option, which could isolate a user's access to only that object for a specified period of time, that would also be helpful.



    Is anything of this nature under development in Blackboard?

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