Templates for Blogs and Journals

Idea created by dc23832 on Nov 25, 2016



    I suggest this enhancement:

    - Pre populating a blog or journal


    - Mechanism for users to copy blog or journal templates.


    I have created a case on BtB and they say this is not possible.


    Discussion item posted yesterday (Templates for Journals? )

    "We're looking to use the Journal tool to create a simple student portfolio.  It'd be great if we could give every student a pro-forma 'template' for them to complete, rather than having to get them to copy a template from somewhere else.

    So - does anyone know if Blackboard Journals can have templates?  Or any useful work-arounds.  Note I'm trying to avoid is users copying and pasting because of the untidy / awkward HTML that users may unknowingly introduce."

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