Collaborate Breakout rooms - Ability to see past Chat conversation

Idea created by hildiq on Nov 21, 2016
    Under review

    We were testing out Breakout Rooms in our Blackboard Learn Collaborate Ultra.

    We found that if a teacher is not in the breakout room at the start, she will not be able to see what communication has happened in the chat box. The chat box will be blank for any person who enters a room after the chat started. They will only see chat that occurs once they are in the room.

    Blackboard Support confirmed:  "When a participant joins a session or breakout room, the chat will always begin from when they joined the room. The past chat will not be available."


    I would like to request this to be improved.  For K12 teachers especially, it is important to be able to pop in from breakout room to break out room, and skim what was posted in chat.


    Product Version (if applicable):1