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Idea created by ingram.annette on Nov 16, 2016

    Not sure why we have seen an uptick of problems associated with the being part of the emails that are sent outside of Blackboard, but....we have done all the suggestions in this article:  and we are still having issues.  We use Outlook for our email - both for students and faculty/staff.  Students are directed to the Outlook web app to access their email as opposed to having to install and configure Outlook on their computers.  For some students, when they "reply" it fills in the "" email.  I have been unable to replicate the issue.  I'd really like to see Blackboard figure out a way to eliminate the need to have the "" in the email.  I did open a ticket, "just in case" and was basically told that we weren't the only ones with a concern and that my only recourse was to submit an idea here. 




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