Automated release of feedback and grades

Idea created by ab38030 on Nov 16, 2016
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    NOTE: We are opening this idea for voting again, specifically for consideration in Ultra courses. In addition to releasing grades and feedback on a specific date, we are discussion options like "After all students have submitted," "After the due date," and "After all submissions have been graded." We've had a handful of similar ideas on this topic, including:

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    Selectively releasing an exam for review.

    Releasing Grade column by date/time

    Adaptive release of grades




    One of our most frequently requested enhancements from academics at the moment is for grades/feedback for assignments and tests to be automatically released to students by being able to set a date/time to un-hide (show) the Grade Centre column.


    The most recent scenario we had on this was related to Tests:

    Academics that set regular weekly Tests in Blackboard have asked if the release of the grade in the Grade Centre (GC) could be automated by un-hiding of the the column in the GC (to allow it to be seen by students in My Grades). They thought it should be linked to the choices made under 'Show test results and feedback to students' when setting up 'Test Options'. At the moment, these are not linked so you can choose when to make specific results and feedback available but have to remember to manually un-hide the corresponding GC column for students.

    This is a particular issue where academics are using tests regularly, want to withhold marks and answers until a set date and choosing to make the item link to previous tests unavailable in a content area to ensure students just see the test they need to take at that time.


    I'd be interested to find out anybody else's experiences around this.

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